anAtlas X 2.0 b8

anAtlas is one application that your Mac cannot be without if you want geography to form a part of your life. anAtlas will guide you through the cities, airports, churches, points of interest, etc. of the world.
It has more than 60,000 records that you can expand in several different ways, quickly and easily.
This piece of software is truly dynamic, clearly marking the location of the places that interest you most in different colours.

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anAtlas X 2.0 b8
Operative system: Size:
Mac OS X v10.0 (Cheetah) / Mac OS X v10.2 (Jaguar) / Mac OS X v10.3 (Panther) / Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger) / Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard) 1 Mb
Date Downloads
2008-09-03 1462
Web Minimum requirements Processor Power PC G3/4 / Memory RAM 128
Licence Recommended requirements
Processor Power PC G5 / Memory RAM 512
Mac / Educative